For a candle to have a long and happy life, it is essential that the candle is permitted to burn for 3 to 4 hours the first time you light it. If the candle is not allowed to burn for enough time, you will likely experience 'tunneling' — when a candle burns unevenly and a 'tunnel' forms down the middle, leaving an excess of wax on the inner edges of the candle. 

Allow your LUME candle to burn properly on the first sitting, and you’ll be rewarded with a candle that smells better and lasts longer.

So make yourself a cup of tea and take this time to lose yourself in a book, binge a show, or enjoy a long talk with a good friend. 


We recommend keeping the candle wick trimmed to approximately 5mm. 

Trimming the wick enhances the candle experience by producing a safer, smaller flame that produces less soot. The length of the wick also has a direct effect on the burn rate too - the longer the wick, the faster the burn.


Contrary to popular belief, blowing out a candle is not the best way to put it out.

Blowing it out will inevitably create smoke that will overpower the beautiful aroma that has just been dispersed across your space. Our favorite method for putting out candles is to carefully dip the wick into the wax pool and gently lift it out again.

The benefits of this method are two-fold: you avoid smoky residue and your wick is coated in wax, meaning it will burn better the next time you light it.

We are currently looking for someone to create wick dippers for us. If you work with metals and would like to collaborate, please email



Our ceramic vessels are handmade with love and crafted with the intention to be reused.

In order to clean out the remaining wax from the bottom of the vessel, pour some boiling water in it and allow the water to cool before disposing of it. The wax will have risen to the top of the water. Do not pour this wax-water into the sink as it can easily clog your pipes. Rubbing alcohol works wonders for polishing the glossy glazed surface.

We'd love to see how you reuse your vessels! Please send us your photos to or tag us on Instagram.



Keeping a small fire burning in your home is no joke, and we ask you to please exercise caution while burning any candle. Naturally we cannot advise for all circumstances, the user is ultimately responsible for the safe burning of their candle. The below are some key points, and when in doubt — use common sense.

  • Never leave a burning candle unattended.
  • Do not place candles in a draft or near any other heat source.
  • Burn out of reach of children and pets.
  • Do not burn candles close together: always leave 10cm between burning candles.
  • Do not burn candles on or near anything that can catch fire.
  • Candles should be used on fire or heat-resistant surfaces. 
  • Once you can see the wick holder at the bottom of the candle, it's time to blow out your LUME candle for good. Read our guide above to see how to clean out your ceramic container for reuse.
  • If your candle produces black smoke, trim the wick and ensure the wick is clean and intact. All candles produce some soot and smoke.
  • Make sure the candle wax is free from debris such as pieces of wick and matchsticks.
  • Keep candle wicks trimmed to 5mm before each burn. A trimmed wick will produce a safer, smaller wick with less soot.
  • Should the wick need centering, do this when extinguished and while the wax is still soft. Do not use fingers. Find a suitable utensil — the wax will be hot!
  • Keep the tops of your candle clean and dust free by wiping with a damp lint-free cloth.
  • If candles are left outdoors, allow the candle to adjust to room temperature before lighting.
  • When not in use, store your candle in a cool, dry area free from direct heat and light. Doing so will protect the wax and fragrance.